Introducing Our New Fleet

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For far too long moving companies the whole world over have been synonymous with big, cumbersome box trucks. For a while, we were too, until we learned that there was a better alternative. We decided that it was time we make a change, not just for ourselves or our customers, but for the moving industry and the planet, as a whole. There is a better alternative.

At Groovy Movers, we are excited to announce that we will be switching our entire fleet from box trucks to towable trailers. In the coming weeks, we will be phasing out all box trucks and replacing them entirely with trailers, and getting them painted shortly, thereafter. All while continuing business as usual. This means that we will be able to offer a better, more affordable service than our competitors.

Here's how:

Trailers are cheaper to buy, maintain, and insure - which lowers costs on our end, and allows us to offer you our superior service at an even cheaper price than our competitors, ripping you off with their expensive, hard to maintain prehistoric box trucks

Trailers require less fuel - Box trucks absolutely waste fuel, which not only is bad for the environment, it’s bad for both of our wallets. Owning trailers, and leasing pick-up trucks to tow them, allows us to use the newest vehicles with the best eco-boost and green technology. Again, superior service and consideration, at a price that literally cannot be matched.

Trailers have more room - Our trailers have more cubic footage than the average box truck does. This allows you to pack more items on a single trip.

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